Art Exhibition

We had our first art exhibition this weekend (26-27 October). What a memorable affair. The monsoon rains held off long enough for us to have a good crowd mulling around. We tried our best to make it personal with tea and the most scrumptious cakes!! The International flavour of guests made it unique as well ranging from Iraq, Ethiopia, Scotland, Netherlands, Switzerland, and Portugal, Korea, Philippines and South Africa.

We sold 80% of our paintings and I sold more than half of my greeting card stock! wow…what a blessed beginning!

Pine trees in a distance by Luise van Eeden

Some of my own

Beside quiet waters by Luise van Eeden


by Kelem


by Tashya






Greeting Cards

Card size: 4”x6” . Original art work created by upcycling cardboard and chocolate wrappers. Printed into beatiful cards, blank on the inside.